September 14, 2013

Ignis Lucis

Alias: (Voiced by Z Maverik Yoshea)
Height: 5'9.5"
Weight: 185
Age: unknown
Wisdom: unknown
Strength: unknown
Power: unknown
Element: Wind/Earth/Unkown
Location: unknown

Overview: Ignis Lucis is the main protagonist within the 'Ignis Lucis Universe,' including the partially animated series Madicine Shop. Ignis is voiced by his creator, Maverik Yoshea. Maverik Yoshea is a member of the 'Z' community, and is for that reason called Z Maverik Yoshea.

Bio: Believed to be of both royal and divine origin, Ignis Lucis bares the "Divine Mark" on his hand. It is believed that Ignis Lucis once rebelled against the gods by stealing the secret of immortality and giving it to humanity. He is also rumored to have a connection with the gods who visited Earth long ago.

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